The Angels of Splendor

My dreams are born of light against the dark
My imagination rides on the wings of splendor
I allow creation itself to be my medium

I’m tantalized by infinite spectrums
Humming blues that form a foundation
Pulsating violets that build structure
Gentle pinks that accent sweetly
Rich, passionate reds that demand my attention
Luminous greens that stay strange
Soft golds that exude love
Effervescent silvers that speak of God
Crisp aquas that spread and curl
All of these and more amalgamate themselves
Contrasting the beautiful black

They disrupt my peace so wonderfully
I’m happy to suffer for such magnificence
I adore these angels that last mere seconds
I hope that future tech will bring them lasting life
For though they have my heart
My mind is passing on

The wise part of me searches for their creator
The desire to understand overwhelms
Wonder at splendor becomes wonder about splendor
Already I sense attachment
Joy’s face forbids my concentration

The angels are clever and wish to bind me
These fantastical creatures assume feminine curves
They grow breasts of light and rumps of rainbows
Retaining abstract auras of fractal patterns
Lines and shapes constantly reforming
Colors ceaseless in their exploration of beauty
Combined with lustful grins and endless, naughty eyes
They hold me in awe once more


3 thoughts on “The Angels of Splendor

  1. Creativity comes from within every soul willing to unleash it. Your soul is not only a willing one, but a courageous one as well. Let your creative beast out of its cage and it will soon calm all of the rage and make peace and tranquility it’s first priority. Then when on stage and in the spotlight, it will unmask its true colors to the universe of sorry and show us that today merely yesterday’s tomorrow and to be one with our beastly souls of deranged humanity in this confusing world of never- ending insanity.
    I am very proud that you are unleashing your creative beast. Very lucky to have you in my life. You Grayson, inspire me.


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