It Has Happened To Us All!

Tonight was beautiful. Even more superb than learning Vipassana. More fulfilling than the first pleasure afterwards. Maybe. Then again… that’s love of a different kind. This is fantastic! I can draw creation from within my joy and love. I have to careful with the joy. It is wonderful indeed. You see, tonight I lost my mind.

The spark. He writes now. Or rather, we all do. It is a constant flow of weaving minds that continue to keep the current one entertained. Who knows the psychological impact this will have. Who else can channel this stream? But it’s all acting. It’s not like I MUST be in character. In fact, I just stopped. I can still keep writing and speaking. This is alright, but a bit boring, eh?

So why don’t we entertain a bit? I become a simple embodiment of character from memory. Just be whatever seems entertaining… right now! Be sure. You have to believe it. You have to know your audience. If you want to become a tsunami, speak to the entire Universe. 

I would love to rant for awhile, but I have some important activities to manage. I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry, baby cakes.


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