Wow first thing

I’m surprised I’ve never used this as an outlet to write before.
Well we will see where this portal leads…

We use so many words without really knowing what they mean…

Beauty? Everyone is different.

The English language could use some serious upgrades.

How does one write that into existence? Essays? Stories? Anything?
An upgrade to the English language can come from anywhere.

Probably the internet.

Its so weird that some things cause me no anxiety and others so much…
Why is intense traffic scary at all?

One just does their best to be aware and safe.

I’m really curious how many people will read this.
If you’re reading I’d love a comment 😀

Words have great power.
Do not underestimate language.

It makes us human. Both saved and trapped by our own symbolic thought networks.

What a world.
What a life. I’m a dove.

I’m going to meditate. I’ll be back.


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