Into Ooo

My brother Nolan, best friend Jordan, and I planned on roleplaying Adventure Time Munchkin, but I had an idea to draw a portal to Ooo to get us inspired. I had a blanket laid out, bright lighting, and some fine point Sharpies I got for Christmas. I drew a circle in a triangle with some triforces coming out of the ends. I drew curvy blue lines which broke the drawing into three sections and we all started drawing on our own sides. I wish I had thought to take a picture then. Here’s where Nolan side when he said he was done the first time. IntoOooNolanStart Oh the sketchbook was a gift from my aunt Nan and Uncle Steve. Thanks! Here’s a picture once we all started drawing over each others stuff. 20141226_221640  After they were done I started adding black and pushing the depth a little. Here’s the finished piece! Into Ooo: IntoOooCrop1 Jordan James Ruiz on the left. Nolan Soldahl in the middle, and Grayson Soldahl on the right. 20141227_194004Finally, thanks for looking and enjoy the wallpaper version. 😀 IntoOooWallpaper