The Way of Gray

There is no difference between spiritual and physical. Magic and technology are the same thing.

The unconscious mind creates the conscious, so in this way these are also one.

We’re in a world where the light and dark fight all the time.

Self-centered and greedy characters vs the other-centered and generous.

This fight manifests itself everywhere.

It continues to infinity.

Our Earth’s powerful people, the ones who fight for a side, are wizards of consciousness. They use engineering, art, and teaching to either help others or themselves.

We can all wake up to the choice and make it: light or dark?

Self or other?

The answer lies at the balance between them, since without conflict there is no story and no reason to live.

This can be made real by going back and forth between enjoying pleasure for yourself and helping others find theirs.

The question I now face is this:
What if helping others find pleasure is pleasurable?

It is to me.

That means I’m light side, right?


Imagination Laboratory

How deep does it go?


But really, what if everything is an imagination excitement experiment.

In other words, a dream.

Not a new idea.

A vivid yellow spark of joy pulses in space.
Its a tiny sphere.

Perhaps there is life on the surrounding dust.

That started as original and became too contrived.

Red and green dots ranging from an inch to three in diameter float and dance all around me. They sway up and down while leaving a faint after image. They range from barely visible to blinding, with a bell curve distribution.

That’s more original but sort of boring.

A yellow octagonal tube instructed mass consciousness.
Today its invisible bits.
Consciousness lies at the root.
Cycles within cycles.
Cosmic babies.

The freedom to imagine.
The pleading to have time.
The dreams of the pure.
Caught in endless rhyme.

Eh not bad.

Back to meditation 🙂